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Are you licensed to move furniture in Oklahoma?

Able Movers is current with all licensing with the state of Oklahoma.

You should always ask this question before booking any movers.

Do you carry insurance? If so, what type?

Able Movers carries repair or replace insurance. Translation: if we are unable to fix a damaged piece of furniture (we are very careful but accidents do happen) we replace the item with something of extremely similar value.

Moving companies can be "insured" and they simply have to pay you by the weight of the item. Translation: if they drop your $2,000 TV but it only weighs 30 pounds they pay you $.50/lb, meaning you get $15 for you unusable TV.

Are you equipped to move large items?

Able Movers is fully equipped to move anything not bolted down to the floor. If it was moved in we will work with you to get it moved back out. We regularly receive calls from furniture delivery companies who are unable to put pieces of furniture into homes after purchasing it at their store. We accept any challenge!

What additional charges should I expect?

Able Movers provides exact quotes when asked to do so. Our prices will not change unless the customer changes something on the original quote. We factor in all elements of the move from fuel, location (stairs, distance of walk, etc.), storage fees, etc. 

Be careful when booking a move that you ask questions about additional charges. They often do not factor in elements discussed above and upon arrival, if they deem the move is more difficult than anticipated, they will increase the price of the move. Sometimes the additional items are not discussed until they have loaded all your furniture and refuse to unload it until you pay.

Do you charge by the item or by the hour?

Able Movers charges by the item unless we are not using our vehicles or we are simply moving items on site. We do offer hourly rates.

Make sure to obtain the cost per hour up front and get it in writing with agreed upon signatures. We have heard too many times about pricing changing without notice and after it is too late to debate because there was not any paperwork signed before starting.

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