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Time to De-Clutter Your house?

Tim Lucas - Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Able Movers – Use the Summer to De-clutter Your House

Throughout the winter and spring months, you have been collecting items you either don't use anymore or no longer need. Rather than hoarding these belongings at your house, use the summer months as a chance to de-clutter your home and get it back to the way it needs to be. Here are some suggestions for your summer clean up that will make your home just a little more livable.

Store What You Don't Need Right Now

If you have limited storage space in your home or garage, you might want to invest in a small storage unit. You can gather all of the items you don't need right now and have movers haul them to your unit for you. This is a good idea for winter clothes, ski equipment, snow blowers, and other items that don't get used in the summer months. When it comes time to bring those items back out, you can swap them for your pool supplies and other summer items.

Donate What You Don't Need Anymore

If you don't plan on selling your furniture, clothing, toys, etc., consider donating it to a good cause. For instance, Habitat for Humanity will come pick up furniture items from you to use in the homes they build for the community. These houses are sold to low income families who may not have a chance to own their own home otherwise. If you have a large haul that you want to take to Goodwill, Ronald McDonald House, or somewhere else along those lines, give us a call and we'll take care of it for you.

Toss What Nobody Would Ever Need

If you have a lot of items that aren't worth donating or selling, you could haul them all out to the trash. It may take a while to do this with just your curbside trash can, so you might as well do it in one big load. Yes it will cost money to take a lot of items to the dump, but that is a small price to pay for the clean house you'll get afterward.

The summer is the perfect time to clear out all the clutter you have been piling in over the last few months. Take this time to get you home back in a functioning order, and you'll feel much better about your house in the end.

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"...I decided to use Able Movers, Inc. because they are a local company and are family owned. I have used them three times, twice for some in-house moving. I am very satisfied with their service. They were there on time and there were no scratches on anything. The last time I used them they definitely helped make my move a smooth one."

--- Karen G., Yukon

"... The guys at Able moving were very courteous.   It was a very hot day for our move, but these guys really seemed to enjoy what they were doing. We sure don't plan on moving again in the near future, but if we do, we'll call the guys at Able Moving. If anyone asks for our recommendation, we'll gladly recommend the guys at Able Moving... "

--- Tracey W., OKC

"... really liked getting a real quote before our move.   Other moving companies we've used before added charges that weren't in our original agreement.   Then they wouldn't finish moving our furniture until we paid the extra.   Thank you Able Moving Company.   It's refreshing to find a moving company that's actually honest."

--- Robert S.,  OKC