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Exact moving quotes equals no suprises

Tim Lucas - Thursday, February 20, 2014

No Surprises with Exact Moving Quotes

Able Moving Company offers fixed pricing – a service that is practically unheard of in the moving industry. Most Oklahoma City movers charge by the hour, which means that you have to pay for their efficiency. If you get a slow crew that doesn't do a good job, you're out extra money for no reason. Before you decide to work with a company like that, you need to see the benefits of exact moving quotes. You won't be surprised by a big bill ever again.

Advantages of Fixed Price Moving Quotes

Here are some reasons why you may prefer exact moving prices over hourly rates:

  • Plan an accurate budget. Rather than setting aside the money you think it will cost for your move, you can save the precise amount you need.
  • Lose the stress with timing. You don't have to watch the clock with your movers because you don't pay for their time. They will work as efficiently as possible to get your move completed quickly.
  • Know you're getting a good deal. It is easy to get ripped off when you pay by the hour. With fixed pricing, all the risk lies on your movers.
  • Feel confident about your move. With a quote in hand, you won't have to worry about hearing any excuses for a bump in price. We assess the need for that ahead of time.

As you can see, having an exact moving quote can make your relocation experience much more enjoyable. That is what makes Able Movers the best moving company OKC has to offer.

How to Get an Exact Moving Quote

If you would like a quote for your Oklahoma City move, you can either fill out a quote form online or call us at 405-946-2924. We will ask a lot of questions about your move to make sure we give you the most accurate price possible. We may need to come out to your home or business to finalize the quote, depending on what you need moved. We want to quote you the right price from the start.

The only reason our fixed price quote would change is if you add or remove something from your move. For instance, if you decide to move your boxes to your new home ahead of time, we will charge you less because there is less work to do. If you buy a new pool table that you now need moved, we will add to the quote to reflect the new work. All of this will be discussed before we start working so you can still have a fixed price to refer to.

Contact Able Movers today to get your hassle-free exact moving quotes.

We're a family owned business. Our family would love to help your families next move.
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Able Moving is the commercial moving company of choice for many Oklahoma Businesses.
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We can move pianos and grandfather clocks, or heavy equipment and machinery. We can do it all.


"...I decided to use Able Movers, Inc. because they are a local company and are family owned. I have used them three times, twice for some in-house moving. I am very satisfied with their service. They were there on time and there were no scratches on anything. The last time I used them they definitely helped make my move a smooth one."

--- Karen G., Yukon

"... The guys at Able moving were very courteous.   It was a very hot day for our move, but these guys really seemed to enjoy what they were doing. We sure don't plan on moving again in the near future, but if we do, we'll call the guys at Able Moving. If anyone asks for our recommendation, we'll gladly recommend the guys at Able Moving... "

--- Tracey W., OKC

"... really liked getting a real quote before our move.   Other moving companies we've used before added charges that weren't in our original agreement.   Then they wouldn't finish moving our furniture until we paid the extra.   Thank you Able Moving Company.   It's refreshing to find a moving company that's actually honest."

--- Robert S.,  OKC