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Able Movers is all about taking care of your moving needs. We also strive to educate our customers about how to make their move as efficient and painless as possible. We hope that these articles are helpful and help your move go as smoothly as possible.

Why You Need to Hire Experienced Movers

Tim Lucas - Monday, September 07, 2015
Reasons Why You Need To Hire Experienced Movers You've signed all the paperwork, meet with the mortgage company and closed the deal. Congratulations on your new home! Now the packing begins. Many new home owners or renters cringe at the idea of shelling out for professional moving services (, but each year, people who go the "DIY", route with bargain solutions wind up paying much more for their move than they anticipated. Why? It's all because of the hidden costs of moving on the cheap. Hidden Truck Rental Fees It's common for budget-conscious consumers to rent equipment to keep their moving costs down. However, rental companies are only inexpensive if you stay within mileage limits, replenish gasoline, and keep their property in pristine condition. You will be charged for every scratch and dent — maybe even the damage left by others if you don't properly document it prior to use. Need to make an extra trip? Fees. Move taking longer than expected? Fees. Did someone back into your rental? Big fees. Potential Damages Aside from rental equipment damages, bargain basement moving services could leave you with serious repair bills. If you're considering hiring local students for a few bucks, be forewarned. They might save you money initially, but they won't have liability insurance, and they may not be able to replace high-dollar possessions. The low cost of inexperience is usually offset by repair bills and frustration. Y .....       >>Read More>>

De-Stress Your Comercial Move

Tim Lucas - Thursday, July 17, 2014
Able Movers – Take the Stress out of Commercial Moves Commercial moves are a breed all their own. They are completely different than residential moves because they usually involve expensive, heavy equipment that must be delicately cared for at every step. If you are moving to a new office building in the near future, you may be dreading the mere thought of the transfer. That's where we come in. With the help of Able Movers and the tips below, your commercial move will be as stress free as possible. We Do the Packing for You Chances are you don't have time to pack up all of the items in your office. Most business owners are more focused on conducting business than putting things into boxes. We can do the packing for you so you don't have to worry about the safety of your belongings. We will wrap, box, and label everything you need to transport so you can stay focused on what really matters. We Work around Your Schedule If you want to minimize the commotion in your office, we can work after normal business hours to complete your move for you. This is what happens with most of our commercial moves because business owners do not want to interrupt their customers' lives. We can work in stages to help you transition quickly, smoothly, and efficiently. Then all you have to do is settle into your new environment. We Do This More Often Than You Do When you think about it, we have gone through far more commercial moves in the last five years than you probably h .....       >>Read More>>

Time to De-Clutter Your house?

Tim Lucas - Tuesday, July 01, 2014
Able Movers – Use the Summer to De-clutter Your House Throughout the winter and spring months, you have been collecting items you either don't use anymore or no longer need. Rather than hoarding these belongings at your house, use the summer months as a chance to de-clutter your home and get it back to the way it needs to be. Here are some suggestions for your summer clean up that will make your home just a little more livable. Store What You Don't Need Right Now If you have limited storage space in your home or garage, you might want to invest in a small storage unit. You can gather all of the items you don't need right now and have movers haul them to your unit for you. This is a good idea for winter clothes, ski equipment, snow blowers, and other items that don't get used in the summer months. When it comes time to bring those items back out, you can swap them for your pool supplies and other summer items. Donate What You Don't Need Anymore If you don't plan on selling your furniture, clothing, toys, etc., consider donating it to a good cause. For instance, Habitat for Humanity will come pick up furniture items from you to use in the homes they build for the community. These houses are sold to low income families who may not have a chance to own their own home otherwise. If you have a large haul that you want to take to Goodwill, Ronald McDonald House, or somewhere else along those lines, give us a call and we'll take care of it for you. Toss What Nobod .....       >>Read More>>

Exact moving quotes equals no suprises

Tim Lucas - Thursday, February 20, 2014
No Surprises with Exact Moving Quotes Able Moving Company offers fixed pricing – a service that is practically unheard of in the moving industry. Most Oklahoma City movers charge by the hour, which means that you have to pay for their efficiency. If you get a slow crew that doesn't do a good job, you're out extra money for no reason. Before you decide to work with a company like that, you need to see the benefits of exact moving quotes. You won't be surprised by a big bill ever again. Advantages of Fixed Price Moving Quotes Here are some reasons why you may prefer exact moving prices over hourly rates: Plan an accurate budget. Rather than setting aside the money you think it will cost for your move, you can save the precise amount you need. Lose the stress with timing. You don't have to watch the clock with your movers because you don't pay for their time. They will work as efficiently as possible to get your move completed quickly. Know you're getting a good deal. It is easy to get ripped off when you pay by the hour. With fixed pricing, all the risk lies on your movers. Feel confident about your move. With a quote in hand, you won't have to worry about hearing any excuses for a bump in price. We assess the need for that ahead of time. As you can see, having an exact moving quote can make your relocation experience much more enjoyable. That is what makes Able Movers the best moving company OKC has to offer. How to Get an Exact Moving Quo .....       >>Read More>>

Apartment Moving

Tim Lucas - Tuesday, January 07, 2014
Apartment Moving – Small Spaces, Big Work Some people think that moving an apartment is easy because it involves fewer items than a home. This is very rarely the case because there are many other factors that come into play. The location of the apartment and the configuration of the complex can turn a simple move into a full-day project before you know it. Let's take a look at the reality of apartment moving (http:// Stairs Most apartment moves involve stairs, which add a tremendous amount of time to the move. Every flight of stairs adds about an hour to the ordeal, depending on how high they are and how they are shaped. Even for apartments on the bottom floor, stairs can be a problem because they block areas of the walkway. Then the movers have to work their way around them. In the scorching heat of Oklahoma summers, stairs can easily drain the life out of the crew. Bends If the stairs aren't a problem in an apartment, the bends are. Most apartments are designed to maximize space, so they have a lot of intricate hallways, bedroom shapes, and closets. As one of the oldest moving companies Oklahoma City has to offer, we have seen countless apartment complexes go up that are nearly impossible to get furniture in and out of. Sometimes this means we have to break furniture down to get it out of the house, which adds unexpected time to the move. All of these little details can make apartment moving a bit of a challenge. Parking L .....       >>Read More>>

moving tips before your move

Tim Lucas - Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Key Points to Keep in Mind Before Before Calling an Oklahoma City Moving Company Whether you’re looking to do a residential move, or a commercial move, there are a list of questions you should ask yourself so that you are sure to be well prepared in advance. Don’t wait until after you’ve chosen the Oklahoma City moving company you’ll be using to discover the answers to these key questions. You’re trusting these people with the possessions you’ve worked hard to obtain, find out as much as you can before choosing your movers in Oklahoma City. Can you schedule your Oklahoma City movers to come in mid-month The majority of moving companies in Oklahoma City are busiest at the beginning and end of the month. Being able to schedule your move for the middle of the month allows you to have the best chance of getting a great time scheduled for your day. Not only will you get a better time scheduled by your Oklahoma City movers mid-month, but supply and demand can affect pricing in this industry as much as any other. The labor of the employees is also a factor. The moving company you choose is going to employ humans, those who are at the end of a week of overtime days due to last minute month end add-ons are just plain going to be tired! Another point to consider in regards to scheduling is to call at least a week in advance. Having a team that is scheduled properly, rather than rushed, will give you better service. Remember the last t .....       >>Read More>>

Who Should You Trust

Tim Lucas - Friday, September 06, 2013
With the number of moving companies Oklahoma City has to offer, you may find it hard to pick the perfect one for your residential move. Of course, we're going to say that Able Movers ( is the best moving company in Oklahoma, but perhaps that's a little biased. Our main goal here is to ensure that your move is taken care of, even if it means going with "the other guys." That's why we've made a quick checklist you can follow when assessing movers in Oklahoma City. Here's what you should look for in an Oklahoma City moving company: Trustworthiness – How long have they been in business, and what do their customers have to say about them? Able Moving Company has been in the moving industry for over 30 years now, and we've got a slew of happy customers we'd love for you to talk to. Insurance – Are they protected enough to cover potential damages? Some moving companies only carry basic insurance, which doesn't cover aquariums, pianos, big screen TVs, and certain types of furniture. We carry over a million dollars worth of coverage for a reason. Make sure your moving company has the coverage you need. Crew – Who is going to be handling your belongings? Is it a bunch of college guys looking to make a quick buck, or is it a team of professionals who are committed to customer service? We've got a seasoned crew here at Able Movers that can get any job done safely and efficiently. License – Is your moving company licensed  .....       >>Read More>>

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"...I decided to use Able Movers, Inc. because they are a local company and are family owned. I have used them three times, twice for some in-house moving. I am very satisfied with their service. They were there on time and there were no scratches on anything. The last time I used them they definitely helped make my move a smooth one."

--- Karen G., Yukon

"... The guys at Able moving were very courteous.   It was a very hot day for our move, but these guys really seemed to enjoy what they were doing. We sure don't plan on moving again in the near future, but if we do, we'll call the guys at Able Moving. If anyone asks for our recommendation, we'll gladly recommend the guys at Able Moving... "

--- Tracey W., OKC

"... really liked getting a real quote before our move.   Other moving companies we've used before added charges that weren't in our original agreement.   Then they wouldn't finish moving our furniture until we paid the extra.   Thank you Able Moving Company.   It's refreshing to find a moving company that's actually honest."

--- Robert S.,  OKC